Moscow-Peking project
22.07.2003 -- 21.08.2003

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Kurgan -- Petukhovo -- Medvezhje Ozero (the Mud Game)

Hitchhicker's morning.

Preparing for the "Mud game" at Medvezhje Ozero. The beach is ready, fans in place...

Debriefing for the production team.

Spectators, contestants, police...

Defend and protect!

--Here is your mud, guys!
The contestants: Rani & Hans, Elias & Yeske, Wesley & Joeri (or Joeri & Wesley?), Reinier & Clarinca, Bart & Fleur, Lotta (hidden) & Sana.

--Are they crazy? (Mike, Renate and Sabine watching)

Start of the game.

Sana & Reinier: Pick up more!

Rani: Clean me up!

That must have been Lotta...

These dirty games! Clarinca, Reinier, David, Fleur, Vincent, Bart, Lotta & Sana.

Just tracks on the sand.

Aftermath: Jan, Roger and Roos.

Jana: I love that feeling!

--Imagine you're a contestant...


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